“Apprenticeships are boosting productivity by enabling businesses to grow their skills base. The average Apprenticeship increases business productivity by £214 per week, with these gains including increased profits, lower prices and better products.”

Source:, 04/06/2014

Whether you are an employer looking to employ an apprentice, or a young person looking to become an apprentice, Northern Apprenticeships are here to help you.



According to the British Chambers of Commerce, most businesses employ an Apprentice to improve the skills base within their business.  Apprentices not only gain valuable work experience and on the job training, they also learn academic theory in classroom based lessons in local Manchester based training providers or Colleges. Therefore, Apprentices acquire new skills in the academic environment, and then have the opportunity to apply them in a real job. This ultimately means your business acquires trained, qualified and skilled staff.


According to Karen Woodward, Deputy Director at the Skills Funding Agency, greater productivity is reported by around 72% of apprentice employers, with the average Apprenticeship completer increasing business productivity by £214 per week. The lower rate of National Minimum Wage for Apprentices coupled with their youthful enthusiasm and desire to succeed means your business can achieve both financial and productivity benefits.


Hiring an Apprentice is a great way to boost your bottom line; this is due to Government funding that can pay for the cost of training the Apprentice, which can be TOTALLY FREE depending on certain criteria. Grants are also currently available that can, depending on criteria, net your business £1500 towards the cost of employing an Apprentice.  In terms of wage costs, Apprentices are paid at a lower rate of National Minimum Wage.  We will do all the hard work to secure the necessary funding, for further information on this, see our funding section on our website.


A report from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) in January found that 146,200 job vacancies were unfilled due to a lack of skills. Apprenticeships are widely recognised as the solution to this problem as Apprentices will learn your required skills in the academic environment and will then be able to apply it to the workplace. The key is to first identify what skills shortages your business has before you take on an Apprentice. Once you identify your requirements, you can then employ a suitable Apprentice whose training will address the identified skill gap. For more info visit the GOV.UK website HERE.


There are various government funded grants available to businesses that employ Apprentices or even just up skill their existing staff. In some cases the cost of training will be TOTALLY FREE. We can handle this for you for free, simply contact us with your requirements and we will let you know what funding routes will be available to you.


Apprenticeships help to create a dedicated, loyal workforce. This is because most Apprentices are school or college leavers, who are eager to succeed and progress within your organisation. In today’s tough economic climate, high unemployment rates effect the British youth the hardest as opportunities are few and far between.  Nearly all the students we have spoken to are looking to join companies that will train and develop them while allowing them the opportunity to climb the ladder within the chosen organisation.


Apprentices bring enthusiasm and energy to the workplace as they are eager to learn and bring fresh ideas that can be built upon. Young people often bring knowledge of modern technology such as social media. This can be particularly helpful in this growing digital age where such platforms are becoming essential communication and customer service channels.


Employing an Apprentice not only saves money via lower wages, but also saves you money that a typical recruitment agency may charge, which is normally 10-20% of the employee’s salary for the first 6 months. At Northern Apprenticeships & Business Training we do not charge you, the employer, anything for recruiting an apprentice.



Many students in the UK who are leaving school or college and are not really sure what to do next. You have plenty of options, but the ultimate goal is the same, and that is to land a job. Some of you will be thinking about Uni, or maybe studying at college for better qualifications that could make you more employable.

Becoming an apprentice in Manchester or anywhere in the UK is a serious option to consider as it is a great way to get a job in the industry you want to work in.


Apprenticeships are real jobs with training that leads to a nationally recognised qualification. As paid employees, apprentices earn a wage and learn on the job. As an apprentice you will go to college to study theory which you can then apply in the workplace with your chosen employer.

While getting paid a salary is a really attractive option to students, you will actually earn something that is more valuable than money, especially when you are trying to build the foundations of a successful career…and that is real life work experience.

Many students that get great qualifications (even from University) but still struggle to get a job because they simply don’t have experience in the workplace that employers want. This is where apprentices really do benefit the most, and is by far the most important thing to consider.


Besides getting paid a salary and earning an NVQ, Functional Skills (maths & English) and a Technical Certificate (Diploma), you also have the vital work experience to put on your CV as well as learning real skills that make you employable. We strongly believe that this gives you a huge advantage when applying for a job in the future.

You also have increased future earning potential as apprentices normally get a pay increase when they complete their training, and research suggests that apprentices can earn on average £100,000 more over their career compared to other employees. Apprentices generally have better job security and have the potential to land a permanent job in the company that provides the Apprenticeship, once completed.**

You won’t be alone during the process either as Northern Apprenticeships, or the training provider we find for you, will make sure you have right support via an assessor, who will guide you and be there for you when you need it. Your employer will also provide a mentor in the workplace to give you all the help you need.


So, whichever path you choose to walk, remember, the end target is the same. That is to get a good job and build a lasting career.  Apprenticeships are the complete solution that offer all the things you need to succeed;  from making money, getting qualified, getting a foot in door of a company, gaining experience and building a CV that will help you in the future.


You will bring enthusiasm and energy to the workplace and you should be eager to learn and bring fresh ideas that can be built upon. Young people often bring knowledge of modern technology such as social media, make sure this is you! This can be particularly helpful in this growing digital age where such platforms are becoming essential communication and customer service channels.

If you want to ask us any questions about being an apprentice do feel free to contact us, we offer a totally free service to students. As an officially RoTO registered training provider and apprenticeship recruitment agency we will help you to build your CV, we will promote you online and offline to local employers in the industry you want to work in. We then deliver your training or find a college or training provider close to you who can teach you the skills you need.  Not only that, we also arrange the job interviews and prepare you so you can feel confident.

Click HERE to see how it works.  We look forward to securing your apprenticeship!

** Source:  Cost-Benefit Analysis of Apprenticeships and Other Vocational Qualifications (University of Sheffield, 2007)

Who are apprenticeships for?

Apprenticeships are mostly aimed at young people aged 16-24, but in many cases apprenticeships are delivered to 24+ learners too. The oldest apprentice our staff at Northern Apprenticeships have delivered to was a 54 year old maintenance operative! So, you are never too old to become an apprentice!

Apprenticeships are for people who want to EARN whilst they LEARN. Quite often, apprentices can obtain similar qualifications doing an apprenticeship as they would in full time college, so it is becoming a more popular route into employment.

How long do Apprenticeships last for?

The duration of apprenticeships vary from sector to sector. The minimum length of time you need to be on an apprenticeship to achieve your qualification is 12 months. For example, many learners often complete Business Administration at L2 in 12 months, or just over. Whereas Construction and Building Services apprenticeships often have longer durations of up to and sometimes beyond 3 years.

Levels of apprenticeships

Apprenticeships have equivalent educational levels. Please see the table below which gives you an idea of comparable levels.

Name Level Equivalent educational level
Intermediate 2 5 GCSE passes at grades A* to C
Advanced 3 2 A level passes
Higher 4,5,6 and 7 Foundation degree and above
Degree 6 and 7 Bachelor’s or master’s degree

What apprenticeships do we deliver?

We are currently delivering the following apprenticeships…

  • Level 2 – Business Administration
  • Level 3 – Business Administration
  • Level 2 – Customer Service
  • Level 3 – Customer Service

We will soon have the capacity to deliver the following apprenticeships amongst many others…

  • Level 2 – Driving Good Vehicles
  • Level 2 – Event Security
  • Level 2 – Logistics
  • Level 2 – Recruitment Resourcing
  • Level 2 – Team Leading
  • Level 2 – Health & Safety in the Workplace

This is not a comprehensive list of our potential provision, if what you are looking for is not listed above, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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