Are you struggling to get an apprenticeship or a job? Traineeships can be the answer!

Traineeships are training programmes that help 16-24 year olds get the skills, basic qualifications and work experience needed to get onto an apprenticeship or full time job.

Where to find our Traineeships

What are the benefits of Traineeships?

There is financial support that helps you with travel costs to and from your work placement.

Once you complete the traineeship you could be offered a job at your placement company, if you impress!

You are guaranteed a job interview!

At the end of the placement you will get a reference from the employer which will boost your CV.

You can progress into an apprenticeship or a full time job.

You will have improved maths and English skills, which is something many employers look for.

Get valuable work experience within your chosen industry, this will make your CV stand out!

Build up your confidence to prepare yourself for an apprenticeship or full time job

Who are Traineeships for?

Traineeships are generally aimed at young people aged between 16-24, but some training providers have different entry criteria, so you must check this before applying. In some cases, Traineeships can be for any unemployed 16-24 year old who possess lower than a level 3 qualification, but some providers can only cater for 19-24 year olds who are claiming JSA or ESA support.

Traineeships are not intended for  young people who require very intensive support; those who already have the necessary qualifications, skills and experience needed to  start an Apprenticeship or find work; or those already in a job.

What do Traineeships teach you?

Traineeships will help you to get basic industry relevant qualifications, and work experience in your chosen industry. This makes your CV stand our and give you a much better chance to get an apprenticeship or find full time work. In some cases, the employer who you undertake work experience for, may be very impressed with you and offer you a job when the course ends.

How long do Traineeships last for?

Traineeships normally last between six weeks and five months depending on the course, some last 8 weeks in total with 4 weeks being in a classroom environment, and another 4 weeks in work experience.

What progression routes are there at the end of the Traineeship?

At the end of a traineeship, your employer will  interview you for an apprenticeship or a full time position within the company, so it is important to impress them as much as you can during your time working for them! If things don’t work out, then the employer will normally provide you with a reference to help you get a job or apprenticeship elsewhere.


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